For over 35 years, artist Larry Fielder has been creating award winning sculptural objects. After receiving his degree in Architecture, he began designing and fabricating architectural stained glass. Larry FielderLater, he became known for his  large  glass and steel sculptures which grace many homes in America and internationally. He then began making cast glass objects, and worked with many famous artists  to realize their vision in cast glass, while  still  creating his own sculpture. Currently, he makes wood vases  and wall pieces.  Larry is known for his impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.

“My work has moved from pure sculpture to functional form. It  ranges from simple vases, to complex sculptural wall  pieces.  My architectural background and years of making  large sculptures, influences my current work and craftsmanship.  I love working with my hands, the tactile quality of working. “

Larry’s process begins with laminating layers of wood to achieve the desired thickness. The vase  profile is then cut, the shape is carved, and the surface is textured. Larry uses chisels, chainsaw, sandblasting, and pneumatic tools to create the textured surfaces. Finally , each piece  is finished with stain or  paint and colored wax, alternating with sanding and buffing to yield a complex visual appearance.   When making mixed media pieces, Larry will incorporate  metal, glass or stone to the piece.

All of the work is made entirely by the artist.

Larry lives in his hand built adobe home in Northern New Mexico with his wife, nationally recognized textile artist, Juanita Girardin, many cats, a dog, and an organic garden.

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